The ‘Bánh Mì 25’ is a typical Vietnamese sandwich eatery, located at 25 Hàng Cá Street in the northwest of the Old Quarter of Hanoi. Any Google search for the best banh mi in Hanoi will result this address, there’s no doubte it’s one of the city’s most visited places by locals, foreigners and tourists. And it happens to be our preferred baguette spot, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For those who are walking past, Banh Mi 25, nested modestly at the door step of a decrepit shop house with a handful of cute chairs spilling onto the pavement out front, will catch their eyes. Its first booth opened in 2014 and has since expanded to 2 more places on the same street, adding more seating for customers to take in the bustle of Hanoi while munching on this local classic.

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